Samantha Joseph Ravished Now Magazine


Model Samantha Joseph

Stylist Karysma Hicks and Ernesto Prada

Makeup by Marco Vargas

Hair by Raya J. for Enfatu’ated Lux Extensions

Photographed by EJ Carr

Written by Karysma Hicks


27-year-old model and mother, Samantha Joseph is a Haitian model that’s been showing her face a lot more in Denver’s Fashion scene. After living in Chicago, Joseph decided to pursue an education at culinary school. Little did she know that her move to Denver would open up a lot of doors bursting with opportunities.

Since being in culinary school and having the most important job in the world — being a mother — Joseph hadn’t had much time to pursue her modeling career and when asked if she could give any advice to pursuing models that are also mothers she said, “Definitely go for it. Don’t let the ‘I have a kid and my life is over myth’ hold you back.” Though being a mother and model means being a part of two different worlds, the model says that being both allow her to advance her organization skills. “It’s definitely a bit hard because as a single parent you sometimes have to miss casting calls or a show because you’re busy being a mom. I can definitely say that it is getting better,” Joseph jokes about the balance of the two.

Samantha Joseph Ravished Now Magazine

Recently she posed for a photo shoot produced by Alicia Myers inspired by the legendary images of Naomi Campbell that were photographed by fashion photographer EJ Carr.

The goal of the project is to portray the model, her style, and her energy from photo shoots that she has done in the past. This project would prove to be more than beneficial for Joseph as she revealed, “Naomi Campbell is someone I’ve admired since I was a teenager and seeing that she’s the go-to model in the industry, her style, and her way of conducting herself inspires me.” Joseph also revealed that seeing Campbell succeed as much as she has in the industry as a black model is motivation enough to further pursue her modeling career. “My friends and even strangers would ask why I’m not modeling, so I finally decided to give it a shot,” said Joseph, feeling that it was important to be a part of collaborations like Myers’ Tribute — which the Naomi Campbell photos will be a continuation of. When asked what her favorite outfit was and which look made her feel like she truly channeled Campbell the most, she picked the sleek, simple masculine look. The blue suit featured with extreme inches of long, straight, jet black hair helped the model manifest the energy of the one and only Naomi. The look also influenced her opinion on what she thought about color in the past. “I’m still getting used to wearing color,” said Joseph. “I have that ‘I’m too dark for bright colors’ mentality, which I’m trying to get out of because now I see that I look good in those colors,” Joseph explains about the intensity of the look.

Samantha Joseph Ravished Now Magazine
Samantha Joseph Ravished Now Magazine

Joseph has also had the chance to succeed in Chicago but is looking forward to building a rapport with the Colorado city. “I’ve worked with well-known artists in Chicago, but I am excited to be in Denver because there are so many talents. Some I’ve already worked with and many that I will hopefully work with soon. Too much to name.”

From Haiti to Chicago to now, living in the cold city known for its cool air and mountain backdrops, Joseph has been looking for outlets that will continue to feed her love for modeling. She wants to use events such as Denver Fashion Week as a platform to express herself and to show that her face belongs in the ever growing and developing modeling world in Colorado. When she went to her first casting in Denver it was the beginning of a realization that allowed her to see the countless opportunities that would help her grow in the industry. She eventually would like to move onto a bigger city, but she sees Denver as the perfect fit for her now because it gives her a chance to grow simultaneously with the city’s has been growth. “The world is changing. The modeling world is changing and I think that Denver will soon need to join the movement,” said Joseph, declaring that she too wants to be a part of this change. As Denver continuously welcomes transplants from all over, the style and the culture is beginning to take a shift, and Joseph is hoping that it will become a prominent change that gets introduced into the fashion community here.

Samantha Joseph Ravished Now Magazine